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Supervision provides a reflective space in which to explore and process work-related experiences and relationships, and to support ongoing professional development. Mandatory for therapists, it can be an equally valuable resource for practitioners in other fields. I offer supervision in person or online, and welcome enquiries not only from therapists but from anyone involved in pastoral, mentoring, therapeutic, supportive or caring roles. If this is something you're considering, please don't hesitate to contact me. I offer a free introductory session for us to explore your needs from supervision and discuss how we might work together.

In work, as in life, we can experience anxiety, stuckness, conflict, or any number of challenging situations. Left to ourselves, it's all too easy to become caught up in things, to the extent that we're unable to 'see the wood for the trees.' By encouraging reflective practice and challenging core beliefs, supervision can enhance our self-awareness and our capacity to see things differently, leading to increased confidence, competence and fulfilment in our professional and personal lives and relationships.

I trained and qualified as a supervisor of both individuals and groups with Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot, through the Centre for Supervision and Team Development. Pioneers in the field, Robin and Joan were instrumental not only in developing the widely used seven-eyed model, which offers different perspectives for exploring our relationships and the wider context in which they exist, but also in fostering a creative approach with a focus on process, encouraging in-depth exploration of what might be stopping us from being present in any relationship. This takes us beyond the workplace as it involves thinking deeply and vulnerably about our way of being in relation to ourselves, to each other and to the wider world - as such it can be seen and experienced as a form of spiritual practice.

My own therapy and supervision practices are held and supported by regular individual supervision with senior psychotherapist colleagues, as well as by facilitated group supervision and peer group supervision with other supervisors. As a therapist, I have experience in different settings including voluntary, low-cost, a GP surgery and a specialist eating disorders service. Currently in full-time private practice, I have over nine years' experience as a therapist and over two years as a supervisor. I'm passionate about my work and about supporting, challenging, encouraging, inspiring and resourcing others in theirs.

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