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When there is the slightest hint of a breeze, the leaves of the aspen appear to shimmer and tremble, while other trees remain still. This ‘resonance’ to me echoes the way a client in the therapy room might be experiencing something quite subtle, yet it evokes a response in a therapist who is attuned and sensitive to what is arising. The sound the leaves make as they resonate and shimmer is like the gentle sound of water: soothing, reassuring, calming.

The Celts used aspen to make shields for protection, both physical and psychic; the Bach flower remedies recommend aspen to treat fear and apprehension.

It is a tree which has a remarkable capacity for regeneration, and represents growth, continuity, interconnectedness and connection to the source.

In traditional medicine, folklore and mythology the aspen tree has been associated with acute listening, language and sensitivity, and with the spiritual and sacred. It has been seen as a symbol of light, fearlessness, protection and hope.

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