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How I Work

I understand how difficult it can be to ask for help, particularly when you are the one who is always there for those around you. But there are times when even the strongest people need support, rather than trying to struggle on in stressful and distressing situations. At such times it can be a huge relief to talk to someone who is not in your immediate circle. Counselling and psychotherapy give you a supportive, confidential space in which to explore what you're going through with a trained and empathic listener.

From being a client, I know how deeply beneficial it is to feel truly seen, heard, and understood; until I'd experienced it myself, I had no idea how healing the therapeutic relationship could be.

It is within this relationship that the work unfolds, as together we look at what is going on for you and gain insights which can guide us towards finding a way forward.

My approach, psychosynthesis, seeks to discover what is trying to emerge in your life at this point, and to help you embrace it from a place of conscious awareness.

Psychosynthesis is more than a psychological model, it’s a philosophy which provides useful tools for day-to-day living, seeing life as a journey where we all have challenges and obstacles to meet in our quest to become more fully ourselves and enjoy a more meaningful, soulful existence.

Depending on your needs I can provide short-term focused counselling which might be just a few sessions, or longer-term, more open-ended psychotherapeutic work for more deeply rooted issues. If you would like to see how it might feel to work with me, please contact me and we can arrange an exploratory session.

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